Welcome to Graford Elementary

Margaret Coker  mcoker@grafordisd.net                                                  
(940) 664-5821  Ext 247
Conference:  12:30-1:05
 I have been teaching at Graford School 
since 1981.  I taught at Laureles Division of  
King Ranch and Jacksboro before coming to Graford.
Class Rules
1.  Be Kind
2.  Be Safe
3.  Be Neat
8:00              School Begins
8:00-8:25      DEAR (Reading)
8:25-9:30      Phonics
9:30-10:30    Reading/Language Arts
10:30-11:05  Target Reading/DOL/Grammar
11:10-11:40  Lunch 
11:45-12:30  Math
12:30-1:05    Computer (M/W)/ Conference  
1:05-1:25      Reading Group I
1:25-1:45      Reading Group II
12:30-12:45 Reading Group I (T/Th),12:45- 1:00 Reading Group II
1:00-1:45      P.E. (T,Th)                                          
1:45-2:30      Social Studies/Science
2:30-3:00      Recess
3:15-3:20      Dismiss
Friday:          Library-2:00-2:30
Weekly Assignments (September 2-5):
AR Home Reading -  2 books read and tests
 passed with 70% or above.  
Reading Textbook - Read:  "Jump Over It" and "I Can, Too!" pp. 36-51.  This is homework for Monday and Tuesday nights.  Some students have to share readers.  Please be patient, if your child has to share a book.  This practice will make them better readers.
Math Homework - None
Wednesday:   *None at this time -Sight word envelopes go home. Study  words in bag and initial the envelpe and date it.  Send envelope back to school (before next Tuesday).  I put new words in envelopes and usually send them every Wednesday.  You may keep the words in the envelope all year or take them out and keep them at home (I just need the envelope sent back). 
                                                                                                 Friday:  Spelling Test -   None at this time.