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Hello ! Welcome to Scott Phillips!

Name: Scott Phillips
Email Address:
Phone number: 940-664-3161 ext. 251

High School Social Studies, UIL Coordinator, Coach

1st     8:00-8:45          Conference
2nd    8:49-9:35          World Geography (9th grade)
3rd     9:45-10:40        US History (11th grade)
4th    10:44-11:29       US History (11th grade)
5th    11:33-12:18       Texas History (7th grade)
         12:18-12:48       Lunch
6th    12:52-1:37         US History (10th grade)
7th     1:41-2:26          US History (10th grade)
8th     2:30-3:15           HS Athletics
Tests will count 50% and Daily assignments will count 50%
extra credit assignments are due the last Wednesday of the Six Weeks
Junior High UIL will be December 4th at Newcastle
Graford High School UIL Invitational will be  

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