September 30, 2013

Due to a large amount of negative balance accounts the following guidelines will be followed:


Any student that has a negative lunch and/or breakfast

account balance of -$15.00 will receive the following
at no cost until the account is brought current:


Sandwich & Milk


Cereal, Toast, & Milk

If a student that qualifies for free lunches brings his/her lunch without a drink and

gets a milk will be charged for the milk and a bill will be issued.

Breakfast Prices:

Regular     $1.00

Reduced     30¢

Milk     50¢

Lunch Prices

Elementary     $1.75

JH/HS     $2.00

Reduced     40¢

Milk    50¢


For balance inquiries or questions contact:

Debra Moore

Food Services Director

940-664-5821 ext. 233